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Τρίτη, 01 Οκτωβρίου 2013 13:35

Spartathlon is over. Moments from the Medals ceremony. (albums with pics) Κύριο

Γράφτηκε από
spartaSpartathlon 2013 is over , with the best of impressions. Last night , in a beautiful event , organizers made ​​the Medals Ceremony ! Athletes who participated in this tedious and historic race,
Πέμπτη, 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2013 12:30

Greece: 2nd race road Antiparos Island 25/5/2013 Κύριο

Γράφτηκε από

Location of Race: Antiparos

Date: Saturday 25.05.2013

Starting Time: 17.00. Maximum duration of Race: 3.5 hours.

Starting / Finish Line: Old Pier (Palio Molo), Port of Antiparos.

Race Distance: 24.4km.

Κυριακή, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012 19:46

A new Triathlon event in Sports Center Moraitis club in Marathon place. Photo album

Γράφτηκε από

triaaA new triathlon event took place today in Schinia Beach , in Marathon - Greece with more than 250 triathletes. You can see some photo albums from this

Κυριακή, 15 Ιουλίου 2012 22:35

Master Beach Volley Tourney - Finals in Greece Κύριο

Γράφτηκε από
beach exoA beach volley tourney in Karavi cafe, in Marathone place. A "Master", tourney for Men and Women of Greece, as the competition counts for
Κυριακή, 29 Απριλίου 2012 17:05

Photo album from a triathlon event in Greece (over 1000pics)

Γράφτηκε από
ofiloToday, in the region of Marathon took place a Triathlon event with the participation of 210 athletes. See 5 photo albums
Τετάρτη, 21 Μαρτίου 2012 11:24

Astroman 2012... 113,1 km Κύριο

Γράφτηκε από

Registrations open till 3rd of April
With more than 120 regsitrations till now, Astroman 2012 is going to be the oldest and biggest ever half IM distance event in Greece. Two weeks left to register and cover the remaining available slots (limit is to 200 registrations - 70 slots free).

Τρίτη, 07 Φεβρουαρίου 2012 08:48

Marathon road race Museum in Marathon, photo album Κύριο

Γράφτηκε από
olimpic resize copyFor all those who had not the opportunity to visit the Museum of Marathon race in Marathon, we took a few photos. Time has stopped .....for all those great athletes..
Σάββατο, 03 Δεκεμβρίου 2011 22:18

The Energizer night run in Athens

Γράφτηκε από
mini exofiloAn event that took place today in Athens, one of the 12 cities in the World. Energizer and  Mizuno was the great Sponsors of the event. Two mini photo albums
Κυριακή, 27 Νοεμβρίου 2011 18:11

10km Race, in Agios Kosmas, Greece. Photo album

Γράφτηκε από
exofilo-xenoA 10km race , early today morning, in Athens, with almost 1.500 participants (all categories).
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